Colleen-Joy free coaching course trainer

This is a FREE online Life Coach introductory course

My name is Colleen-Joy and this free introductory life coach training course is a gift to help you to... "EMPOWER YOU TO EMPOWER OTHERS"

This isn't a qualification course, so you don't get a certificate at the end. For our full qualification course (with coaching certification), you would need to enrol, attend live online classes and invest to earn your right to change lives as a professional Life Coach, like we all did.

But... my team and I wanted to give you a valuable "starter" idea of what our real course contains and what life coaching is really about!

WHY are we offering this free online introduction course?

Because I'm so grateful for 20+ years of international success as a top Life Coach and for the success of ILS InnerLifeSkills my Life Coach training methodology. We've trained thousands of life coaches, business coaches, youth coaches, managers as coaches around the world.

In this free intro coaching course, sample our internationally ICF accredited Life Coach Course, with its unique ILS processes. Learn to enlighten and empower others.

Live an Enlightened Life!

Life Coach trainer - Colleen